A touch of sensual sophistication for those intimate moments

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Ein Hauch von sinnlicher Eleganz für intime Momente







Fetish - the obsession with magically sexual powers

We meet in an elegant bar or restaurant and I will be dressed according to the wishes you have expressed when we arranged the date. I may wear a designer cocktail dress, or tight jeans with a blouse and stilettos, or a white or black business suit. I love to dress.  My wardrobe is huge and I fancy delicate lingerie, outfits for role play and two drawers full of toys.  


After a welcome kiss on the cheek we have a cocktail or a glass of Champagne. We talk and laugh while I get more and more drawn into your charming seduction. You touch my arm very gently and our lips meet for the first time, just a slight and tender touch. Then you whisper a few words into my ear. I smile and take your hand. You lead me to your room. In the elevator your hand glides along my hips, very gently, and our lips meet for a long, intensive kiss.

For a few minutes I disappear in your bathroom and your excitement rises while you await my return …


… I appear in alight summer dress and heels. You take me in your arm. We kiss passionately. Your hand starts to explore my body and gently we help each other to undress. I will be your girlfriend for the night. Just this night – the special one.


 … in delicate lingerie I appear again and sit on the bed. Along the delicate stockings you may kiss my leg, my ankles and my foot tenderly. Softly you slide my foot out of my high heels. Your eye will show me the moment of excitement when you want me to take off the stockings and I will slowly roll them down and kick them away gently with my toes. You are now free to worship my feet with your fingers, your lips and your tongue …


 … then you see the end of a leash thrown out of the bathroom. You get up and take the leash. You watch me, as I’m on my knees, naked except for a tight corset, stockings, stilettos and a collar with the leash. You pull me, first gently, then firmly to your room. You sit down in a chair, pull me close to your legs and the you command …  

 … blindfolded I make my way into the room. You have already prepared the wrist & ankle restraints, the bondage ropes, a spreader bar and a ring gag. You order me to kneel in front of you …


 … I return in a red corset, a garter belt, stockings, 8” heels and gloves. You await the command  or your Mistress …


 The end is never the end …


… you look at my lips while I lick the last drop. You take my hand and we go to the bathroom. Our shower is again a moment of tenderness and might turn into one more golden moment.  Or, we might have start there because you wanted to dress in a rubber or latex outfit.


 … buy just the door for a whole new and fresh experience


 … and the list is certainly not complete. What counts at the end is you fantasy, your fetish. Do you have one?





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